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News from Germany

These images are from the German Synesthesia Association (DSG) from their yearly magazine, which showcases the 2021 SSOA online symposium: Synesthesia in Africa: Discovery, Awareness, Research, and Outreach. This event was hosted by The SSOA in collaboration with The IASAS.

Collaboration + Community

On behalf of the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (The IASAS), I want to share our great happiness as we watch the Synesthesia Society of Africa begin its journey. These are exciting days for this new organization, the first pan-African nonprofit focused on synesthesia, a union of the senses. It was one year…

Is Synesthesia a Disease?

One of the most important facts to understand about synesthesia is this: it is not a disease, it is not an illness, and it is not a condition. According to Dr. Richard Cytowic, MD, a leading researcher on synesthesia, joined senses are best described as a trait, similar to having curly hair, or brown eyes.…

Event Website and Tickets for Synesthesia in Africa