Collaboration + Community

On behalf of the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (The IASAS), I want to share our great happiness as we watch the Synesthesia Society of Africa begin its journey. These are exciting days for this new organization, the first pan-African nonprofit focused on synesthesia, a union of the senses. It was one yearContinue reading “Collaboration + Community”

Is Synesthesia a Disease?

One of the most important facts to understand about synesthesia is this: it is not a disease, it is not an illness, and it is not a condition. According to Dr. Richard Cytowic, MD, a leading researcher on synesthesia, joined senses are best described as a trait, similar to having curly hair, or brown eyes.Continue reading “Is Synesthesia a Disease?”

What is Synesthesia?

The word synesthesia comes from the Greek prefix syn meaning “union”, and and the suffix thesia, which is rooted in the noun “thesis”. Most of us have heard of anesthesia, the lack of sensation we feel during a dental procedure, aided by numbing medications. Synesthesia is a blending of the senses, a perceptual phenomenon inContinue reading “What is Synesthesia?”

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