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Abiola Ogunsanwo (Nigeria)

SSOA Founder

Abiola has a degree from National Open University, Nigeria, and worked for many years as a Business Analyst for Bold Bytes Solution as a company specialist on Information Technology (IT).

Abiola is the only African to attend the 2nd conference of the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (IASAS) in Moscow, where he was one a key participant during the events involving synaesthesia. He is the founder of the Synesthesia Society of Africa (SSOA), and is active in the Lagos Art Community. He also has a background as a filmmaker.

Abiola is passionate about awareness regarding synesthesia, and wishes to promote understanding of this trait to people in Nigeria and across Africa. He now has his own firm specializing in tour and tourism operations across the globe, and as a consultant in Nigeria.

Dr. Sheila Clare Butungi, DVM (Uganda)

SSOA Secretary

Sheila Clare Butungi is a Ugandan Veterinarian working with the Ministry of Agriculture, Uganda, with sixteen years’ experience in project management under the livestock sub-sector. She has a post graduate training in Business Administration, Project Management including monitoring and evaluation, Business re-engineering, Leadership and Intellectual Property. She has majorly worked to promote conservation of animal resources biodiversity; animal resources use and genetic development.

Sheila is a synesthete, and is passionate about creating awareness of synesthesia in Uganda and across Africa. She hopes that people who have synesthesia will become more knowledgeable about it, like she did over ten years ago. She is particularly interested in synesthesia becoming part of teaching curricula at different levels, and hopes that more people including parents will learn about it.

Together with her friends, they recently created a Facebook page and group -Synesthesia Africa Connect and Synesthesia Science Projects respectively for awareness and to encourage active participation in sensitization and research.

Having participated in different interviews and research, she hopes to continue promoting initiatives that will enhance the knowledge base on synesthesia and its potential contributions to society.

Dr. Celsus Sente, PhD (Uganda)

Celsus Sente was born in Bushenyi District, Uganda, and currently lives in Kampala city. He is a graduate of veterinary medicine, with expertise in conservation medicine, geohealth, public health, water microbial genomics, tropical diseases, and herptile/avian health and management.

He holds a PhD in wildlife/environmental health. He is a tour operator and lecturer, involved in training university students and wildlife enthusiasts from across the global in ecosystem health, tourism and culture, under the International Summer School program which takes place annually at Makerere University. He is an ardent supporter of the synesthesia Africa movement. He envisions the creation of a synesthesia resource center in Africa where research and innovation related to synesthesia can be done, and updated information disseminated. Celsus is a very resourceful person who has done a lot of literature research on synesthesia, and has read much about the trait; he is well positioned, through teamwork, to positively contribute towards building the synesthesia Africa movement.

Dr. Afolabi Ogundimu, PhD (Nigeria)

Afolabi is an astute linguist and a seasoned teacher of the Russian language. He completed a bachelor’s degree in Russian language at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 1990. As a result of his outstanding performance, he was awarded a Federal Government scholarship to further his studies at the Pushkin Institute of Russian Language, Moscow Russia where he obtained an M.A degree in Philology in 1993. He was further recommended by the Russia Government for a Ph.D program in general linguistics in the same institute, which he completed in 1998.

He has taught at both Universities of Lagos and Ibadan, a feat that has helped him have relationships with various students at various level of life.

Afolabi has also participated in various International Conferences such as:

  1. Russian Language in the interaction and education, Moscow, Russia, 1996
  2. Africa society culture language, Moscow 1996
  3. The existing problems in modern linguistics, Russian Academy of Science Institute, Moscow, Russia, 1998.

Afolabi was a secretary/interpreter for LFI/SOV fisheries Nigeria Ltd, and he is presently Executive Director of Garos Corporate Nigeria, who’s head office is in Kaliningrad, Russia.

He has also worked as a consultant to the State Scholarship Board, Bayelsa, Nigeria and with the Consular department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Nigeria. He is working, as a synesthete, to help ameliorate the problems in cordiality between parents and their children.

Afolabi is a member of the International Teachers of Russia Language and Literature.

Nonofo Molefe (Botswana)

Nonofo Molefe is a Financial trader. He studied Management Accounting with the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting, and holds Insurance and Mandarin Certificates and has been working in the field of Finance, trading Forex for years. He is currently studying towards both a CFA and an MBA and is very interested in a research work on synesthesia. Nonofo has contributed interactive music-to -taste synesthesia in Southern Africa and particular in Botswana. Nonofo currently resides in Botswana, Gaborone.

Ninah Mutoni (Rwanda)

Ninah Mutoni is a Rwandan working with a technology company called Data Integrated Limited that deals with digital payments and pushing the cashless economy in Rwanda. She has five years’ experience working with IT Software development and Integrations

She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Information Technology at the University of Kigali, Rwanda.

Ninah was introduced to synesthesia by a relative who has the trait and through more research about the subject, has come to relate with it and similar phenomena. Nina relates very strongly with mirror touch synesthesia and is completely fascinated to know more about it and share her understanding of this conflation of the senses widely.

Through awareness of blended senses, she now understands more about her reactions to natural situations and wants more people to discover synesthesia, like she did. She hopes to use her expertise with IT in building an information campaign in the public arena within Rwanda and beyond.

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